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Ningbo Connect Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a Manufacturer of Exhaust Flexible Pipes, Bellows, Corrugated Pipes, Flexible Tubes and Mounting Components for Road Vehicles.

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Ningbo Connect Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing plant producing exhaust flex pipes, bellows, corrugated pipes, flexible tubes and mounting components for road vehicles . Connect currently exports to over 30 countries worldwide, offering long-term partnership solutions to customers seeking reliability and high-quality products in the aftermarket &OE market. OE level performance at aftermarket pricing.

Ningbo Connect Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
  • The bellows expansion joint is a telescopic function composed of metal bellows and components. It can compensate the thermal deformation, mechanical deformation and absorption of various mechanical vibrations of the pipeline

  • The manufacture of metal bellows is based on the selection of raw materials, through the main process steps of tube blank manufacturing, bellows forming, shaping, heat treatment, surface treatment, quality inspection, etc., to produce bellows that meet the design requirements.

  • The bellows has a greater cost advantage than the coiled fusion pipe, and the production efficiency is higher than that of the coiled pipe. Although the double-walled wave tube has the characteristics of large equipment investment, it can reduce the depreciation cost of the equipment by using recycled materials.